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Tragedy Turns to Advocacy: Sister's Fight Against Drunk Driving After Losing Younger Sibling

The collision occurred near Anytown, USA. According to police reports, an intoxicated 21-year-old male with a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08% ran a red light

Washington incident: a case of dangerous driving of a truck under the influence of alcohol

On June 15, 2024 in Richland, a pickup truck drove off a road and wedged into a canal ( Richland Police Department , 2024). The 25-year-old male driver was extracted and charged with DUI.

Tragedy in Portland: Court Proceedings Regarding the Fatal Traffic Accident

The fatal crash occurred along NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland ( Portland Police Bureau , 2024). A vehicle driven by a 30-year-old man collided head-on with another car, killing the 48-year-old female driver.