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One year after deadly vehicular rampage, violence reigns on Portland streets

The actions of 64-year-old Paul Rivas were monstrous, he drove his Honda SUV 1.5 miles on the roads of southeast Portland and tried to run over as many people as possible. "He hit the cyclist head-on and accelerated even more."

Missouri Driving & DWI Statutes

Chapter 302 -- Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving

  Do you have to be "drunk" to be guilty of drunk driving? A: No. Years ago, a drunk driving charge meant someone was "drunk" in the way all of us commonly understand the word - intoxicated. But today, intoxication as we know it is not required for one to be guilty of drunk driving. During the last ten years public outcry against the toll of injury and death which drinking drivers inflict has changed the laws against drunk driving radically and made them much more severe. So the criminal laws against drinking and driving now mean operating a vehicle with considerably less alcohol in your system than what we customarily recognize as being enough to make a person drunk.

Danville 20-year-old charged with driving drunk, causing double fatal crash

A 20-year-old man is under arrest after police said his drunk driving caused the deadly accident that claimed Bryce King and Abigail Scheibelhut’s lives in early December. King, an assistant football coach at Cascade High School in Clayton, was 23 years old. Scheibelhut was 26.

Woman Arrested on Fifth DUI Charge in Six Months

A 26-year-old Ramona woman was arrested for the fifth time in sixth months on a drunk driving charge, a news report in the San Diego Union Tribune states. According to the article Tiffany Adamo has been arrested during stops and was once even found passed out in her car behind the wheel and blocking traffic. Adamo bailed out each time she was arrested and none of her cases have reportedly gone to trial yet.

Chicago Police Officer Fails to Follow Procedure In DUI Arrests

Prosecutors in Cook County, Chicago, are looking into whether an officer hailed as “top cop” for making a record number of DUI arrests, followed the correct procedure in administering field sobriety tests or Breathalyzer tests. According to a news report in the Chicago Tribune prosecutors dropped 50 misdemeanor cases stemming from arrests made by Officer John Haleas. About 500 more cases are under review, the article said.

Veteran Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Drunk Driving

A 40-year-old veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has been charged with driving under the influence for a misdemeanor. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Michael Aranda , the 62-year-old head of the department, was arrested on the night of June 12 on Highway 14 on suspicion of driving a county-issued car while intoxicated and off duty.

The Number Of Arrests For Drunk Driving In South Bay Increased By 20 Percent During The Holiday Season

The suppression of accidents in South Bay has led to an increase in the number of arrests for accidents by 20 percent, according to Mercury News. There were 716 arrests of drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; in the period from December 14 to January 1, this figure increased to 859. The California Highway Patrol's holiday crackdown has resulted in a large number of officers on the roads, with 80 percent of patrol officers deployed along with "roving DUI units" designed to track potential DUIs.

Maryland DWI / DUI Laws

 If you are drunk and driving in the state of Maryland and you are pulled over, you could possibly be charged with two types of offenses.

What Is Blood Alcohol Level?

  Blood Alcohol Level / DUI/DWI BAC Drinking and driving is commonly referred to as DUI , but another common term used is DWI. Both terms refer to a serious criminal offense. There typically isn't a legal difference between the two terms, and they are usually based on how your state decides to refer to drinking and driving. However, some states do differentiate between the two terms, with one being a lesser charge.

What Is A DUI?

DUI Overview Drinking and driving is a criminal offense that all states take seriously. Driving under the influence is commonly referred to by states as DUI or DWI. There are a variety of other acronyms state may use to describe DUI, such as: DUII - driving under the influence of intoxicants DUIL - driving under the influence of liquor DWAI - driving while ability impaired DWUI - driving while under the influence OUI - operating under the influence OUIL - operating under the influence of liquor OVI - operating a vehicle while intoxicated OWI - operating while intoxicated, operating while impaired

Arrested for drunk driving in Kentucky

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