Drunk Driving Fatalities

Drink and Drive has become a serious problem all over the world. Over the last few years there has been a steady progress in dropping fatalities due to drink and drive. Several authorities at the state have made their laws very strict for such cases through which they have gained some success.

Statistics related to drink and drive fatalities dipped down to 37% in the year 2008. Recent study conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that drunken-driving fatality costs nearly around $3.5 million of financial loss or sometimes an approximate loss of $45 billion per annum whereas injuries have costs around $110 billion per annum.
Several countries like USA, India, and UK have made their laws stricter by imposing heavy penalties for drink and drive. Government agencies have also started the campaign to make aware to the people about the dangers of drink and driving but still many Americans still continue to take such matters lightly. In one of the survey conducted by the University of Texas shows that 80% of the people have admitted that they have been driving after consuming the alcohol.
Despite many campaigns and advertisements many people still think that the dangers of driving while consuming alcohol have been overhyped by the government agencies. This is because there are many Americans have already driven after consuming alcohol to some extent. It has now become common in the thinking style of people that if they have done something once or twice it is not a serious problem.
But the fact is that if you are driving with consumption of alcohol you are surely heading towards the road to heaven. Approximately in USA one in two Americans i.e. half of the populations are involved in an accident after drinking alcoholic beverage. Recent statistic shows that 800,000 people get injured every year whereas 35,000 of the people face death. Drunken drive fatalities are normally caused in Americans from the age which ranges from 16 to 24.
The need for establishing national standards for penalizing drunk drivers is being discussed.

There is a need to start national standards for imposing penalties on drunk drivers which is still been discuss. This problem should be looked as an important matter of concern by the government officials.
There were various programs which have been started as per the federal laws. One of the most successful programs started in New York known as STOP-DWI. Under this program, hard penalties were imposed on the people who drink and drive.


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