Most violated tip

Accidents caused by drunk driving can be prevented only if people had enough discipline. The ads and information campaign are more than enough but people still try to test their limits to a detrimental end. Don't be part of the statistics of drunk driving.

In the United States, it is illegal to drive when the alcohol content in the blood stream is o.o8 g/dL. At this level, the driver is said to be alcohol-impaired. But you don't have to wait for your blood level to reach this point before getting pulled over by the cops. Getting a DUI simply entails looking at your driving behavior, observing slurred speech and failing a sobriety test.

In 2008, 37% of all accident fatalities are alcohol-related. This translates to 13,846 in just this year alone. During this time, Texas had the most fatal alcohol accidents amounting to 1,463. Being part for the statistics of drunk driving is no feat to be proud of. The most irritating thing here is that these accidents could have been prevented if people only practices a little more prudence.

Here are some important reminders to avoid any accidents involving alcohol and driving.

The most obvious one, yet violated of all alcohol drinking accidents is NOT to drink and drive. Unless you want to be a statistics of drunk driving, don't mix drinking and driving. Responsible drinking and driving involves not mixing the two.

Designate a driver
In a party, people expect to drink.  What they don't expect is the accident when they go home.  As such, it is important to designate a driver when ever you go out partying and drinking.  Even a small amount of alcohol can impair anyone's judgment.  Likewise, reflex actions become slower and concentration diminishes.  All these are important in driving so don't put your life or someone else's on the line. 
Call a cab instead
If everyone is already having drinks, the best option is to call a cab to drive you home.  Most of the people ending up in an accident are those who still try to drive in spite of the inability.  They are the major part of the statistics of drunk driving. 
It is surprising that in spite so many information campaigns and the fact that people know about it, many still drink and drive.  Alcohol related accidents and deaths can be prevented if only people will heed the warnings.  


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