Why search for DUI/DWI crime records?

f you are running a transportation or moving company, then you are going to need more and more professional drivers, especially if you are thinking of expanding your business. But before you hire the person in front of you, it is important that you look up how many DUI's someone has, in order to keep your business safe and injury-free.

DUI/DWI Crimes

DUI is the acronym for the term "driving under the influence." DWI, on the other hand, stands for "driving while intoxicated." These crimes pertain to an instance wherein the driver operates a vehicle while his alcohol blood levels are above the legal limit (more than 0.05%.)

While DUI and DWI are usually categorized as misdemeanors or minor offenses, it can be elevated to a DUI felony record, especially if the incident has resulted to injury. Worse, he can be charged with manslaughter if his careless actions have resulted to death.

Why search for DUI/DWI crime records?

As it has been said, if you are running a transportation company (taxi or bus) or a moving company (freight) then a driver is your biggest asset. Since the cargoes of your vehicle are precious, it pays to check the applicant's driving records.

Stumbling upon a DUI or DWI record might be common, but stumbling on many counts can be a cause of alarm, especially if the applicant has revoked license records. It is also a red flag if you see DUI felony or manslaughter in his documents it means you should find another driver to screen.

Searching for DUI/DWI crime records

Such documents can be looked up in government websites, such as that of DMV. You can also visit the office personally if you have time.

If not, there are also private websites that provide information regarding such offenses.

DUI or DWI might be simple offenses, but numerous records mean that there is something alarming about the person's driving habits. If you want to keep your business safe and your clients at ease, then make sure to search for these records before hiring a new driver for your company.


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