CO sees change in marijuana laws and drug-related DUIs

DUIs, whether for drugs or alcohol, are serious charges and should not be taken lightly.

Colorado's governor recently signed into law several new recreational marijuana regulations. It has become important that marijuana users do not use marijuana and drive or they may face DUID charges. The new law also includes an open container law for marijuana and will require that police obtain drug DUI training. Under the law, those under 21 cannot possess marijuana and it is also illegal to supply anyone under 21 with marijuana. Some dispensaries are set to convert to public marijuana stores at the first of the year and those under 21 will not be permitted to enter. The law also contains further safety measures aimed at kids and testing a labeling of content. Finally, one politician advised that transporting marijuana over states lines is still not permitted under federal law and is considered drug trafficking (and a violation of other state's laws that have not legalized the drug).

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