San Diego Man Will Face Trial for Police Dog Death

A San Diego man accused of leading police on a wild-goose chase that ended up in a jump off of San Diego’s largest bridge and the death of a police dog will face trial, authorities have confirmed. Among other things, Cory Byron is charged with evading officers, DUI, and harming a police animal. The chase, which took place on New Year’s Eve, traversed the streets of San Diego before culminating in a jump off of the Coronado Bridge while a police dog was gripping Byron’s arm. The dog died; Byron sustained a collapsed lung and other injuries and was rescued by Harbor Police after his plunge into the San Diego Bay.
Byron, who has previous DUI convictions, will face a complex criminal case that spans several areas of law. His case will hinge on whether he was aware that he was sending Stryker, the police dog, to his death, and will be complicated by the relative lack of legal precedent in similar cases. Though the incident lasted just a few seconds, it could forever affect Byron’s future: he will face four years and four months in state prison if he is convicted at his upcoming trial.

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