The Number Of Arrests For Drunk Driving In South Bay Increased By 20 Percent During The Holiday Season

The suppression of accidents in South Bay has led to an increase in the number of arrests for accidents by 20 percent, according to Mercury News. There were 716 arrests of drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; in the period from December 14 to January 1, this figure increased to 859. The California Highway Patrol's holiday crackdown has resulted in a large number of officers on the roads, with 80 percent of patrol officers deployed along with "roving DUI units" designed to track potential DUIs.
Among the Bay Area law enforcement agencies, the San Jose Police led in the number of arrests, and the Palo Alto and Morgan Hill police departments closely monitored them. Unfortunately, during the period of repression, there was one alcohol-related death on the road, when Palo Alto resident Enrique Tejada died during an accident on Christmas Eve.
Increased enforcement during the holidays is not an anomaly for California residents who are accustomed to increased patrols during periods when holiday parties and irresponsible drinking often lead to accidents and deaths related to DUI. However, the intensification of actions by the CHP and local law enforcement agencies reflects a broader attempt to crack down on accidents in California. And California's own DUI laws are among the toughest in the country, require mandatory prison sentences, increase with each offense and jeopardize the career and reputation of convicted drivers for drunk driving.
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