Veteran Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Drunk Driving

A 40-year-old veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has been charged with driving under the influence for a misdemeanor. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Michael Aranda, the 62-year-old head of the department, was arrested on the night of June 12 on Highway 14 on suspicion of driving a county-issued car while intoxicated and off duty.Aranda, who ran the sheriff's department's crime lab and computer systems, was placed on paid administrative leave two weeks ago after an incident on the freeway when 911 callers reported that Aranda was improperly driving a Chevrolet Impala issued by the county. Many sheriff's supervisors are issued a car by the county for commuting to and from work. The Times article says Sheriff Lee Baca ordered him placed on administrative leave after learning that the Department of Motor Vehicles had suspended the deputy's driver's license. Aranda himself has agreed to submit his resignation and will receive a salary until October 16.
It reportedly took more than three months to complete this investigation. Nevertheless, the police and the district attorney's office refused to disclose the alcohol content in the officer's blood. The Times article also says Aranda was arrested because he "looked drunk" when officers stopped him.

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