Woman Arrested on Fifth DUI Charge in Six Months

A 26-year-old Ramona woman was arrested for the fifth time in sixth months on a drunk driving charge, a news report in the San Diego Union Tribune states. According to the article Tiffany Adamo has been arrested during stops and was once even found passed out in her car behind the wheel and blocking traffic. Adamo bailed out each time she was arrested and none of her cases have reportedly gone to trial yet.
In the most recent incident that led to her arrest, Adamo was driving at a local shopping center when she crushed a 7-year-old boy against his mother’s car. Fortunately the boy was not injured seriously. Adamo even tried to leave the scene, but was stopped by the boy’s mother who blocked her path and wouldn’t let her go, the Union Tribune reported.

The report also provides more interesting information about Adamo. She had no criminal record before her DUI arrests. According to family members who were quoted in the article, she was a kind-hearted woman who did well in school, attended community college and was even engaged to be married. Police however found that she possessed prescription narcotics and found her to be under the influence of a medication described as a “central nervous system depressant.”

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