Drunk-driving defendant sentenced to 50 years for crash that killed 3

It was two years ago when Amber Perera was driving drunk on the Selmon Expressway and slammed into the Felipek family. The crash killed Luiz, Rita and their 8-year-old daughter Giorgia Felipek.Perera claimed she had a seizure. Prosecutors said she was drunk.
Last Friday, Rita's father Michael Ciranni did not hold back his rage. He said it was becoming emotionally too much, as he walked off the witness stand without finishing. "I need to leave," said Ciranni.
Tracy Kelly was driving the third vehicle involved in the deadly crash. She survived, but her life as she knew it was over. The crash left her with a lifetime of pain and suffering.
Prosecutors asked the judge to throw Perera in jail for life; the defense wanted 20 years. Judge Sabella slapped her with 50 years in prison, which is pretty much a life sentence.

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