California Death Notices: C, Cáceres, Cámara, C'de, C'debaca, Ca, Caal

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Gloria Smith; Maureen Ramos; Catherine Velasquez; Wesley Reyes; Linda Cadwallader; Emma Walker; Sharon Richards; Joseph Miller; Renee Harris; Crystal Gordon; Stephanie Miller; Virginia Torres; Bernice Edwards; Rebecca Martinez; Steven M D'Amario; Ronald Clark; Margarita Anguiano M; Angela McKinney; Harold Brown; Eddie Griffin; William Taylor; Colleen McKinney; John Carter; Charles Cunningham; Danny Weaver; Carol Peterson; Alice Lindsey; Gary Robbins; William Harris; Robert Ramirez; Myrtle Bennett; Jerome Smith; Robert Murphy; Matthew Hanson; Lisa Hampton; Mary Davis; Michael Morris; Barbara Tran; Diana Davis; Angela Dean; Stephanie Smith; Constance McGee; Connie Frazier; Joseph Torres; Paul Williams; Matthew Torres; Lewis Fernandez; William Torres; Raymond Gardner; Alice White; Richard Valdez; Jessica Johnson; Mary Brown; Richard Gray; John Hunt; Frank Norris; Leslie Turner; Tracy Lewis; Victor Patton; Roberto Bennett; Nicole Hudson; Brenda Lucas; Tom Marshall; Carolyn Woods; Charles McKinney; Troy Owens; Mary Smith; Glenda Smith; Steven Moore; Elizabeth Lee; Amy Reed; Samuel Harris; Gerald Johnson; James Brock; Glenn Powell; Ray Burton; Anne Reyes; Craig Moran; Helen Brown; Nicholas Baker; Randy Alexander; John Bennett; Herbert Farmer; Veronica Haynes; Felicia Lewis; Harold Little; Mary Robertson; Joanne White; Darryl Williams; Mary Thomas; Curtis Chambers; Jacqueline Stokes; Katrina Johnson; Michael Hale; Phillip Reynolds; Jeanne Stanley; Debra Smith; Vernon Davis; Vivian Sims; Andrew Adkins

The following are names of those recorded deceased in San Mateo County from May 24 to May 30.

Sein Lui, 88, Foster City

Qirong Peng, 82, Belmont

Isaac Liu, 30, San Mateo

Alfonso Espino, 71, Daly City

Terecita Custado, 61, Daly City

Derek Zipser, 46, Chino

Miguel Reyes, 38, South San Francisco


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