Public Information and Education Division

 The Missouri State Highway Patrol has announced the implementation of new laws related to crime and traffic safety, effective mostly from August 28, 2018. Key legislations include:

  • HB 1246: A law to combat human trafficking by requiring the display of informative posters in various establishments from March 1, 2019.
  • HB 1350: Updates to criminal history records, including the adoption of the RAP Back system for ongoing criminal monitoring.
  • HB 1355: An omnibus public safety bill that includes updates to driver education on police interactions, changes in Water Patrol Fund allocations, and provisions for retired law enforcement officers during emergencies.
  • HB 1461: Expansion of the Address Confidentiality Program to protect more victims of crime.
  • HB 1558: Creation of offenses related to the nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images.
  • SB 655: Introduction of a tier system for sex offenders for Missouri’s Sex Offender Registry.
  • SB 707 and SB 793: New regulations and penalties regarding sex trafficking and patronizing prostitution, with emphasis on protecting minors.
  • SB 819: Updates to foster care background checks and case management.
  • SB 826: New regulations on opioid prescriptions and drug disposal.
  • SB 881: Registration and operational guidelines for autocycles and adjustments in vehicle registration requirements.
  • SB 954: A provision allowing for the expungement of certain concealed weapon offenses.

These laws aim to enhance public safety, address human trafficking, update criminal justice processes, and modify vehicle and traffic regulations to better protect Missouri residents.


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