The entrance of a car into the traffic police building in Red Bluff

The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 AM on October 15, 2023, when a silver Toyota Corolla sedan drove directly into the front entrance of the CHP facility located at 955 Main Street (CHP, 2023).
According to witness statements and security camera footage, the vehicle bypassed barriers in the parking lot and accelerated toward the main doorway, crashing through the outer glass doors and coming to rest just inside the lobby.
Fortunately, no officers or civilian employees were in the immediate area at the time of impact. The 25-year old male driver, who was alone in the Corolla, was detained by responding officers without further incident.
A drug recognition expert evaluated the man at the scene and determined he was under the influence of a stimulant, leading to his arrest on suspicion of DUI. The brazen intrusion serves as a reminder of ongoing threats faced by law enforcement even at their places of work.

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